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Australian Botanicals Gift Wrapping Paper


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I now have this design available as an all occasion paper. Simple linework inspired by the wonderful natives of Australia, in particular, the species found on the Mornington Peninsula where I live. Over a few years I collected and drew some of the natives flowering throughout the seasons in my local area they are all stunning. I have ended up with quite a collection, however, there are many more beautiful ones I keep discovering.

Simple navy linework, all originally hand drawn, combined  with a highlight pink hand lettered text of each plant species. 

Can you spot these flowers?

Bottlebrush, Golden Banksia, Wattle, Silver Princess Gum, Red Grevillea, Hakea, Kangaroo Paw and Golden Grevillea.

Digitally printed onto BJ Ball 100% recycled Cyclus Offset white paper 115gsm  (490 x 700mm)

Environmentally conscious paper made from 100% recycled paper, chlorine free process, ISO14001 and FSC 100% certified.