The Melbourne Collective Market featuring artist Rebecca Coulter

January 19, 2017

On Sunday the 8th of January I set up shop at the Melbourne Collective Market in Mornington. A new local curated market featuring new and emerging artists, designers and makers from the Mornington Peninsula. Here's a few snaps and huge thanks to my Dad for making me the frame to hang my paper from, which looked amzing! My Mum for insisting to help me finish sorting all the tags as well as Tony, my husband and kids for helping me set up. What a team it looked awesome  :) 

It was a great day which ran quite smoothly apart from me spilling a whole vase of water over my stock before doors opened! Arghhhh a fabulous start! I was pretty fortunate that my quick thinking neighbour threw a bunch of hand towels my way just after it happened which soaked up most of the water, leaving me thank goodness, with only a handful of damaged stock. Phew! Paper and water not a good combination lol Thank goodness for fast thinking stall neighbours is all I can say!

As I got chatting with Rebecca after thanking her profusely a number of times of course :) I started to learn more about her and her wonderful art. Rebecca Coulter @artistastyle  is a local artist to the Mornington Peninsula whom paints, illustrates and makes stunning paper barnacle sculptures (as well as on occasion saves her neighbouring stallholders from near disaster!) and her work is well, to put lightly, truly amazing. 

She is inspired by things with fronds, fins, wings, waves and seedpods. Her delicate and instricate use of linework combined with stunning use of marine colours creates her beautiful, unique signature style. It's the type of art work that has amazing technical accuracy along with that magical element. You could quite easily just dive right into it, just like diving into the ocean, and experience instant, beautiful, serene calm.  

Her paper barnacles are so simple and unique. Made from paper pulp and moulded to form amazing barnacle shapes. She also groups some of these into wall hangings with driftwood and natural string. Beautiful.

 Along with her artistic talent she is also hands down a lovely person, totally professional and so dedicated to her creative work. She's the first stallholder I've been next to at a market who has a 'no sitting' policy, that's right folks she stood the whole 5 hours! boy that's dedication for you :)

You can find more of her inspirational work here at or on Instagram @artistastyle as well as at many of the local peninsula markets. If you subscribe to her newsletter on her website you can keep up to date with her latest work and where she will be selling. Go check her out now and if Rebecca you are reading this thank-you so very much again!!!! xx

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