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Bush Mistletoe Gift Wrapping Paper


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I've only just recently discovered that Australia has its very own Mistletoe! It even flowers with these unique spring-like blossoms! Now I'm aware of it, I keep seeing it hanging from many of the Gum trees around here. It's quite clever and beautiful how it mimmicks its hosts leaves! Even though it's a parasite, I read it does provide a lot of native animals with food. Next time you're walking amongst some gum trees look up and see if you can find it. It is quite the chameleon and can be quite tricky to spot :)

The design for this one uses all hand drawn and watercolour motifs. Colour palette inspired by vintage botanical art, an obsession of mine, with that 'just' pink background.

Digitally printed with vegetable ink onto BJ Ball 100% recycled Ecostar white paper 100gsm  (490 x 700mm)

Environmentally conscious paper made from 100% recycled paper, chlorine free process, ISO14001 and FSC 100% certified.