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Golden Grevillea Gift Wrapping Paper


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 The Golden Grevillea was quite new to me when I discovered it! Some of the local plants around the Mornington Peninsula are huge trees in fact, so you really have to look up to see the stunning golden yellow flowers. I can spot a beautiful bloom a mile off though and I have been known to unexpectantly stop the car quite urgently or walk off the beaten track to investigate an interesting plant, much to the frustration of my family at times!!!! Anyhow, back to the design all hand drawn and lots of watercolour to capture this one which kind of glows a bit like a golden sunset :)

Digitally printed onto BJ Ball 100% recycled Cyclus Offset white paper 115gsm  (490 x 700mm)

Environmentally conscious paper made from 100% recycled paper, chlorine free process, ISO14001 and FSC 100% certified.