Fruity Flavours- it's the simple things in life!

May 23, 2017

These fruity prints were possibly the most fun of all the designs to put together. Why? because I made the textures with real fruit prints, in an afternoon with my little boy. Part of the beauty of this little business has been that I have been able to involve my kids. In fact, it really was through exploring the world with them as they grew up that I started to really see things in a whole new light again. A realisation that the world and particularly nature really is amazing and it really is something to marvel at and that we are a part of all that as well! Boom!  
You really don't even have to venture very far from your own home to discover something amazing. Just like these cut pieces of fruit, each with their unique flavour, shape and complex structure so clever :) 
There really is something in that saying 'It's the simple things in life' !
Well, before I get too phillasophical about fruit and you go to sleep reading this lol here's some images about the process if you're interested.............
1.Fruit prints made with paint
2. Using photoshop these prints were magically transformed into black and white prints then with some hand drawn overlays each fruit motif was created.
3. Colour blocks were added and a pattern designed,  voila some juicy fruit prints!

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