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April 09, 2017

I can remember as a child doing the easter craft of painting and decorating eggs, can you? Piercing a hole in both ends carefully without cracking the shell and blowing out the yolk. Then painting or dying the shells. This was something I really loved to do and is a craft I have passed onto my kids, my little girl still loves doing this. The decorations became more complex as the years went by and when I discovered gold paint pens woweee how spesh eggs decorated with gold patterns! I particularly loved blue and gold together.
Anyway enough of the reminiscing........
This Easter I've designed some patterned eggs for you to download cut out and use as gift tags or maybe even make an easter bunting?  Or whatever you want to do with them!
These little beauties are inspired by the Delft blue and white patterns of Dutch porcelain design, a much loved and recognisable pattern from my childhood growing up with a Dutch Father. My little boy even helped me with some of the art work. The crayon and watercolour resist method is so simple and you can get some beautiful watery textures(see some more examples below).
Please enjoy and share on social media if you like with the hashtag #paprly I would love to see how you use them!
 (file size approx 2.5 MB) A4 sheet size makes good tags and A3 is a better size for bunting or larger cards if you like.
A bit of background to the designs................
Wax crayon resist method - draw with a white crayon then brush over with watercolour so easy and creates beautiful watery textures. Great to do with kids.
Here are a few of the patterns I designed to overlay onto the textures. A bit more complex. These would make nice wrapping paper designs perhaps what do you think?? ;)

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