Gunjan Aylawadi- Weaving with paper

March 31, 2017

Gasp! These amazing paper weavings are the work of a very clever lady, qualified computer science engineer, industrial designer and self taught artist, Gunjan Aylawadi.

I fell in love with these intricate, woven patterns immediately. The technical skill and accuracy blows my mind not to mention the superb designs elements of shape and colour. All woven by hand!!! It ticks all the creative boxes for me, paper, pattern and weaving, all rolled into one glorious design/s. Here let me show you more.....

Artist Statement/Bio (

Having grown up in India amongst tremendous economic diversity and now living in Australia amongst huge cultural diversity, the contrast between consumption - mindful or mindless and austerity - forced or chosen, has never been more vivid for Gunjan Aylawadi. Through her unique and intricate, paper tapestry technique, she explores the intersection between craft traditions, sensory pleasures she experienced growing up and the new culture she finds herself in now. Crafting thoughtful mosaics out of personal reflections, she creates works with simple materials and processes that are as important as the end result - illustrating the quiet power of slowing down and a thoughtful absorption of our environments.



What do you think?? I would describe this as paper and pattern heaven!  I also love the way this craft encourages 'slowing down'. Such a great concept living in today's fast paced world.

I am not completely sure how they are made it looks like lengths of curled paper close-up? However, I am quite content with not knowing and simply allowing the wonder and magic of these pieces to speak for themselves.

Here is some more amazingness enjoy and thankyou Gunjan for bringing this beauty into the world I can't wait to see what you do next!

You can follow Gunjan on IG @gunjanay

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